JBP Company Profile

JBP Directs the Great Blessing of Placenta forward to the Most Advanced Medical Technologies.

JBP, Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd., was established in 1954 as specialized placenta company.

We have studied and manufactured pharmaceutical products and cosmetics based on human placenta extract, and our placenta injection market share is about 80%.

We have studied human placenta applications for more than 40 years.

Also, JBP manufactures and sells the human placenta injection (Laennec) which was approved for cirrhosis in Japan since 1974.

JBP’s injection was being used widely as a Japanese typical Placenta injection for more than 30 years as well as there were also no cases of serious side effects.

Japan Bio Products, found in Japan, is presently worldwide marketing a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical and medical devices.

Established in 2006, JBP China the main office located in Shanghai has fully entered into the Chinese market.

Since 2011, we are also located in Europe, with main offices in Zurich, and sales distributors in several countries.

In April of 2015, JBP opened our new building L’Atelier Fujimitsu in Fukuoka, Japan.


Placenta placed in the mother’s womb protects an embryo and brings the embryo up to a fetus. This temporary organ given exclusively to the mammalian species through an evolutional process generates various autacoids,which are indispensable to the birth of a life and its up-keep,and also controls the signals of gene information to make new cells.For this reason, the placenta is called “Library” of the life information.

“Placenta” = “Great Blessing given to Life.” Its effective utilization has been practiced all the way from the era of BC, and everywhere in the world,for the treatment of various diseases as well as up-keep of health and youthfulness.And now that the bio-genome technologies are increasingly advancing,the idea of the placenta utilization gradually draws attention to the cutting edge domain of so-called “Regenerative Medicine” .

With a good command of updated scientific technologies,JBP (Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd. ), is the world leading company in the area of the placenta-based products where JBP is further responsible to solve the questions still pending as to the composition and mechanism of the placenta,and for the effective application of various features of placenta in the sphere of medical treatment, health and beauty culture.

SAFETY of JBP Placental Extract (Human)

Safety Scheme of JBP Placental Extract (Human)

  • Donor Screening
    Negatives for all virus & bacteria tests
    Screening by Donor’s overseas stay experience
    Consent by Donor
  • Acceptance Inspection Testing
  • Sterilization by 3 Different Methods
  • Product Specification Testing for Viruses

Donor Screening + Donor’s Consent

Virus & Bacteria Testing

  • HBV
  • HCV
  • HIV

in addition to: treponema pallidum, gonorrhea, TB, etc.

Donor’s Overseas Stay Experience

To minimize probability of exposure to BSE, Donor must not have stayed in any of 7 European countries for 6 months+ (1 day+ for United Kingdom & France) since January 1980.

Acceptance Inspection Testing

Individual inspection by weight, colour, smell, etc.

NAT testing for HBV-DNA, HCV-RNA, HIV-1-RNA of all samples.

Virus testing methods are all validated accordingly.


Sterilization Employing 3 Different Methods

  • With organic solvent
  • With digestive enzyme+acid processing
  • With 121℃×20 minute autoclave (final sterilization)
    All sterilization methods and processes are validated by spiking.

Product Specification Testing for Viruses

  • With organic solvent
  • HCV
  • HIV
  • HTLV
  • Parvovirus-B19

Product specification testing must show “negative” for all 5 viruses above, before approved for clearance.Testing methods and procedures are all validated by spiking of respective viruses.

Sterilizaion, combining
several different
Viral testing at contracted
re-tested at factory
Viral testing of finished